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frequently asked questions
Q: Why should I eat honey? 

A: See Health Benefits of Honey

Q: What is so great about B's Honey?

A: Our honey is pure, raw, organic, natural, unheated, and local, New Mexico honey. 

Q: Is B's Honey worth the price?

A: Yes! B's Honey is a natural and organic honey coming straight from New Mexico bees and flowers.  Unlike other honey products, B's Honey contains no additives or preservatives. You are guaranteed to enjoy quality organic, fresh, healthy honey for a reasonable price.

Q: When should I throw out my old honey?

A: Never! Honey never spoils or goes bad.  You may think that when your honey starts to 'crystalize' that it can no longer be used, but do not fret!  Place your bottle into a bowl of warm water for a few hours and your honey will be as good as new. Never throw out honey, with so many uses it would be such a waste of money.


Did you know...

  • It takes 2 millions flowers to provide 1 pound of honey?
  • It takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world?
  • Children under 12 months should not ingest honey?
  • Honey never spoils?
  • Bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man?
  • The average honey bee will actually make only one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime?
  • Honey can help you lose weight?
  • Honey differs in color and flavor depending on what blossoms the honey bees visit? Colors and flavors range from nearly colorless to dark amber brown and deliciously mild to richly bold. As a general rule, light-colored honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger


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